Crispy, Crunchy,
Blow-Your-Mind Treat!

So Satisfying-So Delicious!

You will want to eat the whole bag in one sitting.
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Dark Chocolate
Who doesn't love chocolate? These irresistible bite-size crispy chips are drizzled with 64% dark chocolate and are gluten-free & plant-based. They are chocolaty, crunchy, nutty, and sweet. Try your dark chocolate today!
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Hot Cayenne
Turn up the heat! Add a little spice to your life with our Hot & Spicy D'lishus Sweet Krispy Chips. The perfect amount of cayenne pepper is balanced with a sweet and nutty flavor. This is a HOT item you must try!
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Original D'lishus Sweet Krispy Chips
Get ready for something totally new- this is not you basic
nutritional snack! We combine the most flavorful natural ingredients like roasted flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, pecans, and agave nectar, into a crispy, crunchy blow-your-mind treat.
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Want More Reasons To Indulge?

Our D'lishus Sweet Krispy Chips are gluten-free, plant-based, and packed with fiber, protein, and omega-3.

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Available in 3 flavors:

Original, Dark Chocolate and Hot Cayenne.

Use them to top your yogurt, salad, ice cream, even eat as a cereal, or just grab a handful right from the bag. So satisfying, so D'lishus, you'll want to eat the whole thing!.


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