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The perfect snack for your healthy lifestyle.

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Who We Are

Our team at Sweet Thoughts is committed to providing our customers with a great tasting 

nutritional snack. Our D'lishus Sweet Krispy Chips are an alternative to eating high carb and high fructose treats. 

Flavor is such an important factor and we were able to substitute gluten free flour and plant-based ingredients into the recipe without compromising the taste.  Each chip is packed with fiber, protein and omega 3, nutrients that are

 said to help fight high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. We use quality ingredients, 

safe practices to deliver a quality product. 

We work hard to ensure that our customers come first and satisfaction is key!

About The Owner

Sweet Thoughts was founded by Award-Winning Chocolatier, Lesa Walker. She is known for her visually stunning chocolates 

and her Dlishus Sweet Krispy Chips. She has over 25 years of pastry and baking experience and in 2015, she chose to follow her dreams and enrolled in the pastry and chocolatier program at Schoolcraft College in Livonia Michigan. Her background in Fine Arts and love for chocolate have fueled her passion to create edible art ( and other confectionery and baked

 items such as her nutritional D'lishus Sweet Krispy Chips. 

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